Presented by Nicole and Marisa from Wellness in the City

Learn how to run a profitable business as a Content Creator or Influencer. 

The ultimate beginner's guide to teaching you how to pitch to brands for sponsorship, create a rate card that stands out, and secure partnerships with your dream brands. 

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"Since starting Wellness in the City in 2015, we have worked with established local and international fitness, beauty, health, and lifestyle brands, and are passionate about giving our clients the best return on investment. "



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Create a reputable brand that represents you, your values, and your unique brand offering. We will run through creating beautiful aesthetics and a coherent theme. 


Curate strategic marketing content for brands and learn how to create beautiful aesthetics and newsworthy themes that set your brand apart!


Learn how to create a professional rate card that has all of the key information that brands want to see, and gain insight as to how you can further monetize your brand.


To end off you will receive valuable tips on how you can secure brand partnerships and pitch to your favourite brands and learn how to grow your business online!

Meet Nicole

"I am a full-time model, Creative Director at Wellness in the City and fairly recently, a mum of two. My 20-year modeling career has allowed me to work with some of the most prestigious local and international brands and clients across the board. My love for detail, creating content and photography has given me the confidence to turn this passion project into a full time career.

Originally starting WITC as a space to inspire, inform and showcase the latest wellness trends – it has evolved over the past 6 years and is now a place to create and connect – which has given us the opportunity to travel and meet some of the most influential and inspiring masterminds known to the wellness industry.”

Meet Marisa

"I am a digital marketing and PR strategist at The Stream. With over 14 years of local and international experience, I am incredibly passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and SME’s with the skills to build the business of their dreams and help them Accelerate  Brand Awareness. 

Having co-founded Wellness in the City with Nicole, 6 years ago, it's been incredibly fulfilling to finally share our secrets to success and help more entrepreneurs build profitable businesses." 

Brands we have worked with since 2015

The workshop will equip you with 

  • How to establish your unique brand 

  •  Curate strategic marketing content for brands 

  •  Create beautiful aesthetics and newsworthy themes

  •  How to create your brand's rate card

  •  How to secure brand partnerships and pitch to your fav brand

  •  How to further monetize your business 

  •  Bonus: tips to scaling your brand online

  •  Download: Brand Partnership Email Template

  •  Download: Rate Card Canva Template 

  •  Download: Rate Card Checklist

  •  Download: Brand Profile/ Rate Card Checklist

  •  Download: Influencer Tools & Equipment Checklist 

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