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Generate Publicity + Build Credibility
+ Increase Sales!

Get access to an online portal for an entire year and learn my unique Stream A.B.A four-step framework at a pace that suits your current lifestyle...

I created insightful training videos and downloadable material leveraging my 14 years of PR, Social Media, and Digital Marketing experience with the intention of creating a practical framework that any small business or solopreneur can leverage whether a service or product offering...

I will teach you all the secrets of the trade and exactly how you can implement my A.B.A method at any time of the year in order to grow your online brand awareness and continuously SCALE YOUR BUSINESS!


Are you exhausted from doing it all yourself?

  • Wants more people to know about your brand, speak about your offering and become loyal customers/clients?
  • Exhausted all of your marketing tactics and don’t know what to do next?
  • Wish you knew how to generate your own publicity?
  • Content creation constantly draining all your energy?
  • Struggling to juggle all the roles of running your own business?
  • Need business advice and a strategy for your online presence across your website and social media
  • Eager to up-skill with the freedom of learning in your own time?
  • Want more time to focus on your actual craft and less time spent struggling to figure out a marketing strategy
  • Feel overwhelmed by the ever changing digital marketing and social media sphere?
  • Desperate for a community that empowers and understands your business struggles? 
  • Want help so that you can reduce your workload, stress and anxiety?

More importantly, do you want to gain national brand awareness, build your brand’s credibility, increase sales and GROW your business?



We start off with valuable insights of how you can perfect your online brand presence, from improving your social media aesthetics and growth to analysing your audience and identifying the right people to target for your brand.


Content that attracts, engages and converts sales! Number one lesson in PR – there is always an angle! You don’t need to be a wordsmith…coming up with newsworthy content can be simplified. Receive a list of suggested topics, ideas and angles as well as learn the techniques of creating engaging content to optimise brand exposure year on year.


Oooh this is the meatiest module filled with insightful videos, downloadable proposals and examples to get your creative juices flowing!

You will learn how to best manage influencer engagement, create strategic partnerships, attract new clients and how to pitch your brand to media in order to generate publicity.


Once you are equipped with the knowledge, the tools and all the examples, I will take you through the process of planning and actioning – creating a personalised strategy that will Accelerate Brand Awareness.


  • 4 Modules covering valuable  PR, Social Media & Digital Marketing insights
  • 20 practical training videos lead by me, Marisa
  • Done-for-you templates that you can simply complete and implement
  • Guides and checklists including influencer partnership proposals, ideas for email subject lines, press release template and much more... 
  • Receive a unique A.B.A strategy document that you can use as the framework for your personal brand plans
  • Bonus interviews from industry experts
  • Access to a private members Facebook Group

Course Cost: $ 231 once off

Equating to R 3,410*

*dependent on exchange rate on the day of purchase

EFT payment option available for South Africans, contact [email protected]


Dr. Chantelle Nienhuis, Homeopath, Specialising in Women’s Hormone Health

"Marisa is a mastermind when it comes to being seen as a brand. She allows me to dream big, holding space for any vision to flourish — there is always a strategic plan to get there! But what I am most heartened by is her genuine interest and passion to help, going over and beyond to teach and guide."

Anchen Wobbe-du Plessis
a.Bundant Life Coaching

"Because figuring it out on your own will cost you sooooo much more! 
In the first few lessons, Marisa’s experience and know-how opened up a world of structure and allowed inspiration to flow into digestible steps to put your unique stamp on your business and send it into the realm of social media."

Ashleigh Iovino, 
Founder of FitMom

"Marisa's ABA method truly works and I will continue to use the valuable tools and learnings as my business evolves. Thank you Marisa, the impact you have had on me & the value you have added has been immense. Choosing Marisa as my business coach/digital strategist is one of the the best decisions I have made for my business, FitMom.”


  • Plug and Play proposals including Influencer and Brand Proposals

  • Templates and examples of how to generate publicity for your brand

  • Learn how to be better connected, as we share tips of how to approach media, influencers and brands for collaborations that will grow your following and community

  • Cracking the code for creating clever content – you don’t need to be a wordsmith or have a great vocab, we have the tools that you need to create newsworthy content for your online marketing, PR and social media strategies

  • The tools and knowledge to create an online strategy that builds national (and even international) brand awareness & receive my unique A.B.A strategy framework in an editable Power Point

  • BONUS: Learn what content generates publicity! Interview with a senior journalist who gives A.B.A members valuable insight that can help your brand be heard and be seen
  • BONUS: How to capture imagery with your smartphone that attracts your ideal clients. We chat to renowned South African photographer about the art of capturing imagery that will elevate your brand’s online presence
  • BONUS: Creating captivating copy. American travel journalist and PR guru shares insights as to how to create clever, engaging copy

  • BONUS: Facebook Ads Manager Training! This mini training excites me so much as I know how much value you can get from knowing how to properly run Facebook ads that bring in leads! 

More importantly, the A.B.A course will help alleviate the stress and overwhelm you are experiencing, doing so much on your own. You will learn how to create an online communications strategy for your brand that Accelerates your Brand’s Awareness!




With more than a decade  of experience training, mentoring and managing over 70 people and representing up to 90 brands across various industries such as hospitality, lifestyle, FMCG and tech, I am incredibly passionate about sharing my knowledge, empowering people and building brands.



About me..

I ran a results-driven boutique PR agency for seven years managing accounts for both renowned consumer lifestyle brands as well as startups and entrepreneurs. After selling my agency shares, I saw a huge international gap in the market to teach and empower entrepreneurs and SME’s how to internally implement PR to Accelerate their online Brand Awareness.

 In 2009 I won the ‘Best up-and-coming PR Professional’ award after which I moved to London to work in PR, managing the communications for Samsung at the 2012 London Summer Olympics and representing renowned brands such as Universal Pictures, Colgate, Palmolive and Ferrero Roche.

Running a results driven agency for seven years was still one of my biggest learnings and career achievements, including highlights such as supporting Australian retail giant The Cotton On Group launch over 300 stores and managing the PR for Edward Snell for over three years, assisting in driving 20% year on year growth for their alcohol portfolio, including brands such as Glenfiddich, Grant’s and The Balvenie.

I can't wait to help you

Accelerate Brand Awareness!

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